Please use this guide to find answers to any questions that you might have.
If you cannot find the help that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.
We strive to give each customer one-on-one attention - even if you are simply browsing!

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Personal Photographs
Personal Information
Shipping Procedures


I would prefer to use my own poem. Can you incorporate that into my selection?

Yes! We are committed to touching the heart of your loved ones in any way possible.

What if I don't see exactly what I want on your site?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Although we pride ourselves on keeping current with the latest photo blanks and gift ideas, sometimes, we are able to find additional items. The objective of Personalways™ is to "create" lasting, heartfelt memories for you and your loved ones. We will be happy to consider every reasonable request.

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Personal Photographs

Can I provide my photographs in hard copy form?

Yes! If time allows, we will accept photographs in hard copy form.

Send to:
P O Box 244
Piedmont, WV 26750

(Please include all pertinent order information.)

If I provide my photographs in hard copy form; how will they be returned?

Commonly, we include original photographs with the completed order. If you choose to have the items shipped to a third party, we will return your photographs to you with your invoice at our expense.

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Personal Information

There isn't enough room on the supplied order form for all of my information. How do I get it included with my purchase?

Please feel free to contact us with any additional information. Please be sure to include all necessary reference information, such as order number and name.

Why do I have to include personal details and complete so many questions?

Personal information, such as names, dates, mailing addresses and photographs are required for personalization purposes only and are strictly confidential. Creating gifts that are truly sentimental and valuable to you, your family and friends requires a great deal of information.

(See our Privacy Statement for complete details.)

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How long does processing take?

Normally, orders will be processed and shipped from our facility in Maryland, in as few as 2 weeks, but can take up to 6 weeks of receipt of payment and all required personalization information.
(In the event that an item is on backorder, you will be given the option to wait, substitute or receive a full refund of the purchase price including any pre-paid shipping charges.)

All orders are handled on a case-by-case basis so that each person's particular needs are met.

Is RUSH processing available?

No, not at this time. We regret that we no longer offer RUSH processing services, but hope to restablish them in the future.

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Shipping Procedures

Can you mail items directly to the recipient?

Yes! If the recipient's mailing address is included with the order; it can be sent directly to them.
(Gifts cards may be included at your request and include your very own personal message.)

What return address would be on the envelope or package?

That is entirely up to you. The return address can be left blank, be yours or be that of Personalways™.
(Children's "Santa Letters" will have a "North Pole" postmark when ordered by the required date.

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped immediately after processing.

Is RUSH shipping available?

Yes! Normally, our items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
(The USPS estimates a normal delivery time of 2-3 days anywhere in the US, however, this is NOT guaranteed.)

If you desire quicker, guaranteed shipping with tracking options we offer expedited shipping via UPS and the USPS at the going rate.

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