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<p>Oak Banana Hangers</p>
GFT/BAN-01 -

Oak Banana Hangers

Price: $49.85

<p>Porcelain Banks</p>
GFT/BNK-01 -

Porcelain Banks

Price: $15.48

<p>Natural Finish Wooden Boxes in Choice of Shape and Wood F
GFT/BOX-40 -

Natural Finish Wooden Boxes in Choice of Shape and Wood F
Price: $27.90

<p>Cedar Lined Humidor</p>
GFT/BOX-90 -

Cedar Lined Humidor

Price: $65.32

<p>Solid Cherry Heirloom Chest<br />*NEW ITEM*</p>
GFT/BOX-75 -

Solid Cherry Heirloom Chest

Price: $54.34

<p>Pet Urn</p>
GFT/URN-00 -

Pet Urn

Price: $145.90

<p>Wrought Iron Baskets</p>
GFT/BSK-01 -

Wrought Iron Baskets

Price: $33.50

<p>Wrought Iron Tray</p>
GFT/TRY-01 -

Wrought Iron Tray

Price: $58.00

GFT/BWL-01 -


Price: $21.75

<p>Popcorn Bowls</p>
GFT/BWL-01 -

Popcorn Bowls

Price: $41.90

<p>Square or Rectangle Cake Pans</p>
GFT/CAK-01 -

Square or Rectangle Cake Pans

Price: $42.00

<p>Mantle Clock</p>
GFT/CLK-01 -

Mantle Clock

Price: $43.50

<p>Rectangular Plaque Wall Clock</p>
GFT/CLK-04 -

Rectangular Plaque Wall Clock

Price: $46.84

<p>Red Oak Village Clock</p>
GFT/CLK-08 -

Red Oak Village Clock

Price: $78.10

<p>Round Glass Wall Clock</p>
GFT/CLK-20 -

Round Glass Wall Clock

Price: $34.50

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