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<p>Cedar Lined Humidor</p>
GFT/BOX-90 -

Cedar Lined Humidor

Price: $65.32

<p>Solid Cherry Heirloom Chest<br />*NEW ITEM*</p>
GFT/BOX-75 -

Solid Cherry Heirloom Chest

Price: $54.34

GFT/BXR-01 -

Boxer Shorts

Price: $20.85

GFT/BUS-01 -

Business Card Holders

Price: $21.75

<p>Can Hugger</p>
GFT/CAN-05 -

Can Hugger

Price: $17.50

<p>Velcro Can Insulators and Black Trim</p>
GFT/CAN-03 -

Velcro Can Insulators and Black Trim

Price: $13.45

<p>Kindle Case<br />*NEW ITEM*</p>
GFT/CSE-03 -

Kindle Case

Price: $18.30

<p>Cell Phone Case<br>*NEW ITEM*</p>
GFT/CSE-05 -

Cell Phone Case

Price: $13.92

<p>Check Book Cover</p>
GFT/CHK-01 -

Check Book Cover

Price: $19.08

<p>Check Book Cover</p>
GFT/CHK-11 -

Check Book Cover

Price: $15.25

<p>Eyeglass Cases</p>
GFT/EYE-01 -

Eyeglass Cases

Price: $14.85

<p>Stainless Steel Flasks</p>
GFT/FLK-01 -

Stainless Steel Flasks

Price: $17.85

<p>Key Chains<br />Pewter<br />Round</p>
GFT/KYC-01 -

Key Chains

Price: $15.90

<p>Key Chains<br />Oval Plastic</p>
GFT/KYC-10 -

Key Chains
Oval Plastic

Price: $12.05

<p>Key Chains<br />Heart Plastic</p>
GFT/KYC-11 -

Key Chains
Heart Plastic

Price: $12.05

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