These pillows are a wonderful addition to your couch, chair or bed and display your favorite photo with class.

Many Different Styles & Sizes to choose from.

Available with or without insert. Great for updating existing cushions.

Items Available in this Category

<p>Poly/Satin Pillows</p>
GFT/PLW-02 -

Poly/Satin Pillows

Price: $13.50

<p>Canvas Pillows</p>
GFT/PLW-03 -

Canvas Pillows

Price: $15.78

<p>Pillow  Cases</p>
GFT/PLW-06 -

Pillow Cases

Price: $19.95

<p>Youth/Travel Pillow Case</p>
POL/PLW-01 -

Youth/Travel Pillow Case

Price: $14.70

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